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Level up your career

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Improve your performance at work or explore opportunities to progress your career in other roles and industries with our FREE digital training

How it works

For Employers

Step 1

Assess Needs

Look through our existing provision- would your company benefit from upskilling in these areas?​

Step 2

Get In Touch

If you have a more bespoke digital skill need, get in touch via our contact us page to discuss this.​

Step 3

Create a Plan

Agree training and course schedule. ​

Step 4

Enhance your Team

Training can take place at our city campus, at your site or online.​

For Employees

Step 1

Digital Skills Assessment

Take our free skills analysis to understand what your current skills are and how you can improve. 

Step 2

Pick your preferred training

Have a look through our existing modules and see what takes your fancy. These are all focused on improving your digital skills in areas of likely demand.​

Step 3

Begin training

Training can take place as part of your workday if agreed by your employer or it can be delivered around core working hours.​

Step 4

Apply your training

During Training, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your company’s implementations and assess how your training would be utilised.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Is there a cost to training? 
  • A: All of the training is free for individuals as it is funded through the European Social Fund.
  • Q: What kind of training do you have on offer?
  • A: We have a range of training options to suit you. These include short courses, awards and accredited units and qualifications. These are all focused on improving digital skills. If you get in touch, you can complete a free skills analysis. Our team will then offer training to help you to develop your skills.
  • Q: Will this lead to a qualification?
  • A: Not all of our training options will lead to a qualification. However they will help to develop your skills, knowledge and training in the areas where your digital skills could be improved so you can perform better at work, or progress in your career.
  • Q: What is the time commitment?
  • A: Our training options vary in length and time it takes to complete. Our teams will work to provide training that suits you.
  • Q: Do I need to take time off work?
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Get in touch

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Use the hashtag #attheforkshow on Twitter or send a message from the contact form.


We are currently offering bespoke modules to companies!