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Digital skills are a priority for South Yorkshire, we want to be a competitive region with the skills and abilities needed by employers.​​ 

We are working with our partners to provide digital skills training to working people in South Yorkshire.​ 

Sheffield Hallam is providing the Level 4+ and tailored provision to local employers. Take a look through our existing module list to see the type of training we are able to offer your staff for free. 

Are you an SME? 

If you are an SME and have a more bespoke digital training need we are able to provide personalised support*. ​ 

Depending on your needs we can also adapt our delivery method to be hosted at our city campus, online or on your site- with your own machines. 

Contact our team today to discuss what we may be able to develop for your organisation.​ 


n/b: * for the bespoke provisions, this will be subject to De Minis Requirements and minimum threshold for development.


We are currently offering bespoke modules to companies!