Big Data and Analysis

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Beginning Databases


Would you like to learn more about how you can use data? Are you working with legacy data? On this module you would learn how to modernise, improve and optimise how you use your data.


Data issues can appear because data is not effectively stored or properly managed. You may have too much data in spreadsheets that are used by different people. This course will allow you to analyse and document your data and help identify weaknesses while specifying how improvements could be made. 

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Data Analysis for Business


What can your data tell you about your business? This module will help you understand your data and to encourage diversifying your resources in a smart way. Changes and techniques learned in this module are applicable on a macro and micro scale.


If you work with a range of numeric data, there is the potential that more value could be gained from it. Following this you’ll be able to understand what useful information might lie within your data based upon statistical properties. 

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Applied Business Intelligence


This module will give you an understanding of principles behind managing data in a smarter way. The analytics and strategies you gain from gathered information will improve strategies and optimisations when making key business decisions.


Use your data sources to inform your business decisions. Learn how to visualise your data, gain insights, inform and convince. 

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Applied AI for Business


Within this module, you will learn how to optimise and automate some processes within your role. This ranges from using personal assistants (e.g. Alexa) through to mail filtering and application insights.


Stay ahead of competitors and save time by learning how AI tools can help you automate key business processes – making your business smarter. The course will also cover the business focused considerations surrounding the technical promises of AI. 

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Introduction to Cyber Security


As an individual, learn how to take part in keeping safe and smart online. This module will teach you good practices in managing your presence online and offline.


With the rise of ransomware and various other malicious attacks, this module will help you understand how to keep your business safe on the digital space. This includes, data and disaster recovery, using tools and frameworks to keep your data clean and industry standard practice for preventative measures.

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Getting Started with Cloud Computing


How can you optimise how your data is managed online? With this course you will learn the benefits and risks around cloud computing. It’s applications and the impact this has on a personal level. Learn when and where to have backups of your data, and more importantly, who to trust with your data.


Moving your business to the cloud – sounds straightforward with some obvious benefits. This course will explore what is involved and the differing options that you need to consider, to move to the cloud effectively, efficiently and with minimal impact.  

Web and Resource Management

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Web Analytics


Gain an understanding of how your website is used by search engines, users and other businesses. With an enhanced analytical understanding of your target market, you can improve your strategies, along with expansions if needed. As an individual this knowledge is invaluable as you can learn how other businesses target you.


To maintain a strong web presence companies, need to know more about the mechanics of website design, understand who finds their website and how to attract the right visitors. This course will help you make the most of your web presence.             

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Web Marketing


Understand how web marketing works at a micro level, through observing and learning how you are marketed to. Learn how to avoid predatory marketing ploys online and in person. Enhance your understanding of how you are persuaded, and how you can influence / are influenced when using the Web.


This course will help you develop your web marketing knowledge and capability. Develop customer loyalty, interaction and expand your customer base. .             

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Getting Started with Web Technologies


Get started with technologies by improving your logic, reasoning, and problem-solving skills on current and up-coming web trends and frameworks. Additionally, this module will help you understand what technologies are worth investing time or resource in.


Working with web agencies to get your website working and updated? Your ability to manage your web presence can be supported through a better understanding of the technologies involved. This course will give you the skills and knowledge to plan, review and implement your own website.

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Introduction to Software Quality and Testing


Learn about testing principles to enable thought within actions while creating software to improve the quality of your software processes. This will give you an understanding of good practice in managing code and delivery. This course will also offer you knowledge of what can happen when there is inefficient code or redundant implementations, and how costly this can be.


Whether you make software or work with complex digital resources, quality can be an issue. The risk of poor-quality processes can mean lost versions, replicating work unnecessarily and difficulties with onboarding new staff. Within this course, you’ll learn to assess your software quality processes and judge how effective they are. It will help you identify what immediate improvements need to be made and ensure that you are working towards ISO standards compliance. 

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IT Service Management


You will gain an understanding of service management and relevant standards, such as working to SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and having an understanding of what to do when things go wrong.


By defining, analysing and improving your service management design you’ll be able to shape and implement more effective and efficient service provision. By scrutinising your SLA you can know when your service provider is at fault and help develop your business’s readiness for ISO standards.

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Getting Started with Project Management


This course can help you prepare for a prince 2/agile accreditation. Additionally, learn what common issues are found when managing projects, how to avoid them and be prepared for those that cannot be avoided.


Project management is an evolving skill, help improve your project management, monitoring and reporting with this course. This module will equip your employees with a range of effective tools for project management and insights into their most appropriate use in the workplace.   

Additional Modules

The descriptors below are for base (non-bespoke) content. Each module listed below can be developed to bespoke needs.
Please get in contact if you are interested in any of our modules. Some of these modules offer preperation for CPDs and qualifications.

Getting started with Azure
& cloud migrations

Descriptor: Azure Basics and Data visualisations
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Excel for Business

Descriptor: Excel basics to formula
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Excel for Finance

Descriptor: Undestanding taxes, interest and dividends
Level: Intermediate

Power Automate

Descriptor: Understand utilisations and optimisations
Level: Beginner

Power BI

Descriptor: Get started with specialist software
Level: Beginner

R & Python

Descriptor: Sytnax, Concepts and Data querying
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

MS Teams

Descriptor: Effective communication, Remote working and Knowledge sharing
Level: Beginner to Advanced 

Tailored modules

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Descriptor: Any module listed here or modules related to your specific business needs can be created

Requires business / requirements analysis  


Next steps Coding for Teaching

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Descriptor: This workshop will empower you with the skills to introduce programming conmcepts into your curriculum
Level: Beginner

Getting started with Office 365

Descriptor: Learn the basics of the microsoft office suite.
Level: Beginner

Office 365 Efficiency

Descriptor: Enhance your understanding of the microsoft office suite.
Level: Intermediate

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