Introduction to user research practices

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Join us for our Introduction to user research practices module.. A four hour interactive session which is held online. In this module you’ll learn two capabilities that learning and practising user researchers need to have:

  • Using strategic or policy objectives set by senior stakeholders to plan and prioritise research
  • Understanding what a team needs from research

The goal of this module is for you to have an understanding of how to frame problems so that they are user-centric.


In this four hour session you will learn about how to frame and scope research problems, as well as how to make the case for doing user research for your organisation.

You’ll learn to;

  • Interview stakeholders to understand their research needs
  • Translate business strategy or policy into research objectives
  • Get the scope of a research project right
  • Explain the difference between a product and a service
  • Reframe assumptions and solutions as user-centric problems to solve
  • Advocate for user research to create change in your organisation

Core topics

  • Checking for biases in how problems are described
  • Common problems with problems
  • Understand the outcome that the organisation needs
  • Reframe the problem and the outcome from a users’ perspective
  • Writing ‘how might we’ statements
  • How to negotiate to get the right scope and framing for research

Who should attend?

  • People who want to make the case for doing user research in their organisation
  • People who currently conduct research or will do in the future
  • Those who scope research projects
  • Those who work with researchers on project

Who is delivering this training

This module is being delivered by Sheffield Hallam University in partnership with Paper, a Sheffield based user research and service design studio. The module will be facilitated by a user research expert from Paper and a representative from Sheffield Hallam.

Cam Spilman
User researcher and MD of Paper
Cam Spilman
User researcher and MD of Paper

Cam is a user researcher with a background in design. He is also one of the founders of Paper, which is a user research and design studio. His user research experience includes government departments, international businesses, and charities facing some of the most challenging situations. In the last 5+ years Cam has also been coaching, mentoring and training people, which has grown into a real passion for him.

Rachael Tunnard
User researcher at Paper
Rachael Tunnard
User researcher at Paper

Rachael is an experienced user researcher who has worked with government departments, third sector teams and private sector organisations. Recently she has been developing a 2 day user research training course that helps new user researchers develop the skills they need to conduct high quality, ethical research which answers their most important goals.


We are currently offering bespoke modules to companies!