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This module will take you through the developments and use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) – also known as eHealth or Digital Health – within NHS England. No special computer skills are required for this module.


In this module, you will learn what constitutes Digital Health, how patient data is protected from unauthorised access and the laws governing it, what digital systems are and how they’re structured, information mapping (integration of data and analytics), making use of analytical data and the future of Digital Health as a whole.

Core topics:

  • Why, What and Where of Digital Health 
    • Use of ICT in NHS England to support care management.
    • Government strategies and policies for ICT in health and social care.
    • eHealth efforts underway across the UK.
    • How COVID-19 advanced use of technology across healthcare.
  • Cyber Security and Information Governance 
    • What constitutes ‘information governance’ and how it relates to patient care.
    • Responsibilities within a information governance framework.
    • How information governance applies in a medical practice.
    • A look into cyber security threats from a healthcare professional perspective.
  • Digital Systems and Structures
    • Information systems and what elements are included in the framework of information systems.
    • Message sharing between Detailed Care Record (DCR) and the Summary Care Record (SCR)
    • Purpose of the Personal Health Record as defined in the 2019 NHS Long Term Plan.
    • System security, integrity and archive.
  • Information Integration and Data Analytics
    • The link between computerised information systems and data.
    • Coding, classification and terms for clinical health data.
    • Use of big data to support decision making.
    • ‘Interoperability’ in health information technology.
  • Information Intelligence
    • Understand how data is collected and used from across the NHS for the benefit and safety of patients.
    • Data warehousing and data sharing.
    • Ethical issues around information sharing in healthcare settings.
    • How information can be used for functional intelligence in healthcare.
    • The role of technology in remote care (telehealth)
  • Information and Digital Future
    • How future ICT developments will support care delivery.
    • Potential ICT developments for delivery of healthcare in the next 5-10 years.
    • Understand your professional role in future ICT developments where benefit for patients is clear.


  • Access to a laptop or desktop with an internet connection
  • Access to the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)

To qualify for this module, you must be employed in South Yorkshire.

Who should attend?

  • Current NHS Workers and aspiring healthcare professionals

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