Next Steps Coding For Teaching

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In 2014, the UK became the first country to mandate Computer Science teaching in primary schools. In this increasingly digital world, programming skills are essential, and set up students for success, enhancing their critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. 

This workshop will empower you with the skills to introduce basic programming concepts to infant learners, using academically evaluated child focussed technology. 

Advancing Digital has partnered with STEM4SCHOOLS, which has been successfully utilising this technology for three years in Sheffield primary schools, helping hundreds of students develop their skills. 


There is no specific technology requirement or focus for this workshop. You are expected to appreciate the demand for programming skills in early education.  

The technology we shall be using has been developed specifically to operate effectively in all school environments.  

To qualify for this course, you must be employed in South Yorkshire. 

Who should attend? 

You should attend if you teach at primary level and want to practice introducing and designing basic interactive programming methods for your classes. Attending will give you experience of how basic programming can be introduced; experience developing your own tailored resources; and the chance to discuss lesson plan design with industry experts who have used the technology in local Sheffield Primary Schools. 


We are currently offering bespoke modules to companies!