Introduction to Software Quality & Testing

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In this module you will learn about testing principles and how they enable thought within actions while creating software to improve the quality of your software processes. This will give an understanding of good practice in managing code and delivery. This also offers you knowledge of what can happen when there is inefficient code or redundant implementations, and how costly this can be. 

Additionally, whether you make software or work with complex digital resources, quality can be an issue. The risk of poor-quality processes can mean lost versions, replicating work unnecessarily and difficulties with onboarding new staff. Within this course, you’ll learn to assess your software quality processes and judge how effective they are. It will help you identify what immediate improvements need to be made and ensure that you are working towards ISO standards compliance.  



  • Is an avid user of software either in apps (employment dashboard) or web apps (e.g., or mobile apps (e.g. amazon app)


  • Has tested software of some description previously e.g., through or similar
  • Has done surveys / usability questionnaires
  • May have knowledge of the importance of user testing (UAT) and quality assurance (QA)

To qualify for this course, you must be employed in South Yorkshire.

Who should attend?

You should attend if you want an insight on how software quality can provide better user experience. You will have a chance to learn about the importance of Quality testing. How QA can save costs and how it can affect profit numbers. You will learn how software quality and testing can prevent breakdowns and project failures.


  • Quality Processes
  • Testing
  • Versioning Process


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