Applied AI for Business

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Within this module, you will learn how to optimise and automate some processes within your role. This ranges from using personal assistants (e.g. Alexa) through to mail filtering and application insights. Additionally, stay ahead of competitors and save time by learning how AI tools can help you automate key business processes – making your business smarter. The module will also cover the business focused considerations surrounding the technical promises of AI.



  • Understands what AI is at a basic level e.g. a sequence of statements to automate a task


  • Understands how to generate and prepare for AI integrations

To qualify for this module, you must be employed in South Yorkshire.

Who should attend?

AI is a hot topic with great potential. You should attend if you want to find out more about how it works, its benefits and risks. Attending should give you a good insight into what this module might do for your business supported by some basic hands-on activity.


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Different AI solutions
  • AI tools


We are currently offering bespoke modules to companies!