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    How It Works

    For Employers

    Step 1

    Assess Needs

    Look through our existing provision- would your company benefit from upskilling in these areas?​

    Step 2

    Get In Touch

    If you have a more bespoke digital skill need, get in touch via our contact us page to discuss this.​

    Step 3

    Create a Plan

    Agree training and course schedule. ​

    Step 4

    Enhance your Team

    Training can take place at our city campus, at your site or online.​

    For Employees

    Step 1

    Digital Skills Assessment

    Take our free skills analysis to understand what your current skills are and how you can improve. 

    Step 2

    Pick your preferred training

    Have a look through our existing modules and see what takes your fancy. These are all focused on improving your digital skills in areas of likely demand.​

    Step 3

    Begin training

    Training can take place as part of your workday if agreed by your employer or it can be delivered around core working hours.​

    Step 4

    Apply your training

    During Training, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your company’s implementations and assess how your training would be utilised.

    Meet The Team

    Chris Roast

    Project Manager & Department of Computing, Business & Enterprise Lead​​

    Dr Roast works in a variety of areas oriented to practical issues within interaction design and applying academic research. He has been the lead academic on a variety of projects industry based collaborative projects. He is a reader in HCI, has been the Knowledge Transfer lead in the Department of Computing and is currently Business and Enterprise lead. 

    Corey Sutcliffe

    Junior Web Developer

    Corey is a current Sheffield Hallam student studying Computer Software Engineering. He plays a lead role in developing interactive resources for the project and is skilled in C# and JavaScript Developing applications in React and .NET Blazor. 

    Haider Sheikh

    Junior Web Developer

    Haider Sheikh is currently a student at Sheffield Hallam University, studying Software Engineering. He is skilled in web development and he is working on development of the website and relevant interactive tools.

    Setareh J, Ghazaani

    Setareh Ghazaani is a certified ISO 2001 lead auditor, Ethical Hacker and cyber security analyst with a diverse set of skills and experience gained form academia, industry and personal development. She is currently a cyber security lecturer at Sheffield Hallam university, experienced in Security Compliance, web application penetration testing, and Security awareness and training.

    Mohammad Saedi

    Mohammad is a Senior Lecturer in Computing and Advancing Digital at Sheffield Hallam University. He is a BTIIC researcher in Secure Communication over 5G and a Network Security Specialist with experience in 5G service platforms, mobile network security, AI/ML, Network Architecture, V2X, and IoT. He holds an Associate Fellowship of the UKPSF from AdvanceHE and is enthusiastic about his job, aiming to further his experience while working on Advancing Digital.

    Luke Gribbin

    Senior Project Administrator

    Luke is part of the Business, Engagement, Skills & Employability directorate within the University. He has enjoyed working on projects previously that look to further develop student’s skills, alongside helping SME’s within the region. He has a passion for business and is looking to further his skillset whilst working on Advancing Digital.

    Tanni Moyana

    Senior Lecturer

    Tanni is a Senior Lecturer on the project, with experience working as a digital consultant for SMEs in the Sheffield City Region. His area of expertise includes Web and Applications development, cloud-based solutions, and data management.  

    Ryan Thomas Evans

    Junior Web Developer

    Ryan is a current Sheffield Hallam student studying Computer Software Engineering. He plays a lead role in developing interactive resources for the project and is skilled in C# and C++ programming in addition to web technologies such as .NET Blazor and React. 

    Ali Hashemi

    Junior Web Developer

    Ali Hashemi is a web developer currently studying Software engineering at Sheffield Hallam University. He is skilled in web dev languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

    Frequently asked questions

    • Q: Is there a cost to training?  
    • A: All of the training is free for individuals as it is funded through the European Social Fund. 
    • Q: What kind of training do you have on offer? 
    • A: We have a range of training options to suit you. All of our training is focused on improving digital skills. Take a look through our module list or complete our free skills analysis tool to get an idea of what sessions would be best for you. 
    • Q: Will this lead to a qualification? 
    • A: Not all of our training options will lead to a qualification. However they will help to develop your skills, knowledge and training in the areas where your digital skills could be improved so you can perform better at work, or progress in your career. 
    • Q: What is the time commitment? 
    • A: Our training options vary in length and time it takes to complete, get in touch to find out more. 
    • Q: How do I know if I am eligible? 
    • A: You are eligible If you are employed and live in South Yorkshire or work in South Yorkshire, and commute no more than 90 minutes. 

    About Us

    If you have a job and live or work in South Yorkshire, Advancing Digital provides training so you can develop your digital skills. This can open new opportunities to progress in your career, into other roles or industries, and improve your performance at work.

    You can use our free skills analysis tool, to understand what your current skills are and how you can improve. Our team can provide advice on the best development options to meet your career goals.

    To find out more, email
    or call 0114 225 5000 (phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm).

    Advancing Digital at SHU, prioritises the design and delivery of level 4 and above modules. These are assessed internally by our Quality Lead. Bespoke delivery to meet specific company needs aims to maintain a level 4 or above standard. When faced with learner needs definitely below level 4 we will record the learner and we will pass the contact onto other AD provider.

    Our Partners

    Advancing Digital is funded by the European Social Fund and is delivered across South Yorkshire, operating in partnership with  Sheffield Hallam University, Barnsley CouncilBarnsley CollegeRNN GroupSheffield City Council, and ITS (Independent Training Services).

    Advancing Digital training is also provided and supported by one of our delivery partners:

    Name: Sheffield City Council
    Phone: 0114 273 4567
    Email: customerservices@sheffield.gov.uk

    Name: Sheffield Hallam University
    Phone: 0114 225 5000 (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm)
    Email: advancingdigital@shu.ac.uk

    Name: Barnsley Council
    Phone: 01226 775100
    Email: employmentsupport@barnsley.gov.uk

    Name: Barnsley College
    Phone: 01226 775100
    Email: info@barnsley.ac.uk

    Name: ITS (Independent Training Services)
    Phone: 01226 216 760
    Email: t.amer@barnsley.ac.uk

    Name: RNN Group
    Phone: 01709 513147
    Email: digitalskills@rnngroup.ac.uk


    The training format and Tanni were very personable, and it made the sessions enjoyable.

    Jamie C
    Better You

    The course was very beneficial for all sectors, it wasn’t just about software. There were some tips & programmes which we can take back to our work places. Tanni was great and really altered his teaching style to everyone. Signing up was really easy and it was definitely a beneficial course.

    Abbie W
    The Children’s Hospital Charity

    I have gained knowledge doing these sessions. They were definitely useful for what I want to do in my future career.

    Ahmed M
    BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains

    Contact Us

    Sheffield Hallam University
    Howard St, Sheffield City Centre

    S1 1WB

    Tel: 0114 225 5000
    E-mail: advancingdigital@shu.ac.uk

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